Glossary: GeoJSON

GeoJSON is a file format for map data served by Mapbox web services and APIs. As a subset of the JSON format, it can be parsed in modern software and native to the JavaScript language.

When you create features in the Mapbox Studio dataset editor, you are creating GeoJSON that you can use with other Mapbox tools and APIs. These datasets can be accessed as GeoJSON by downloading directly from the Mapbox Studio Datasets page or by using the Datasets API.

If you have GeoJSON data you wish to put on a map, you can upload GeoJSON to your Mapbox account using Mapbox Studio. You can add this either as a dataset for quick updates or geometry changes or as a tileset for styling in your custom map. When uploading GeoJSON, keep the following conditions in mind:

Download sample GeoJSON data

There are several open source tools for converting other geospatial data formats to GeoJSON. A few favorites are:

  • togeojson, a node package for converting KML and GPX (XML formats).
  • ogr2ogr, the ultimate 40-in-1 vector data conversion tool.
  • fio-load from the Python package Fiona.
  • for creating, converting, and editing GeoJSON
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