Remove labels or streets from your map

With Mapbox Studio and Mapbox Studio Classic, you can hide or remove labels to further customize your map.

Mapbox Studio

In the Mapbox Studio style editor, you can hide a layer or a group of layers by selecting the desired layer(s) and then toggling .

Hide street labels in Mapbox Studio

You may also permanently remove a layer or group of layers by selecting the desired layer(s) and then clicking .

Mapbox Studio Classic

You can hide labels, streets, or street names with Mapbox Studio Classic by removing any of the CartoCSS styles that define the map’s labels. These styles are often organized in a CartoCSS tab named “labels” and include properties pertaining to text.

For example, for the Streets style, if you want to remove all the labels, you can delete the Carto tab named “labels.” Use Ctrl+R (Command+R) to refresh your screen to preview or Save to see make the changes permanent.

But what if you only want to remove the road labels? Find the road label styles in the labels tab and delete them or comment them out. You’ll see your changes after you refresh or save.

Commenting out styles instead of deleting them is a good practice in case you want to use the styles later.

Check out our Getting started with Mapbox Studio Classic and Getting started with CartoCSS guides to learn more.

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