All uses of Mapbox’s custom maps and data must attribute both Mapbox and the appropriate data providers. Mapbox’s custom design is copyrighted and our data sources require attribution. This requirement extends to all plan levels.

Add attribution

If you are using Mapbox Studio and Mapbox GL JS, you must manually add attribution by including the attributionControl option in your map declaration and setting it to true.

var map = new mapboxgl.Map({
  attributionControl: true

Automatic attribution

If you use a different Mapbox SDK library, like Mapbox.js or Mapbox Mobile, the necessary attribution will be automatically included in the bottom right corner of the map.

Static & print

Static & Print maps need to be attributed in the same fashion as you would cite a photograph: in a textual description near the image.

If you can include HTML, use this code snippet that includes links to Mapbox & OpenStreetMap:

© <a href=''>Mapbox</a> © <a href=''>OpenStreetMap</a> <strong><a href='' target='_blank'>Improve this map</a></strong>

For print output or if you can’t include links, use this text-only attribution:

© Mapbox, © OpenStreetMap

Other mapping frameworks

If you are using Mapbox maps with another open source library, like Leaflet or OpenLayers, attribution is still required. These libraries don’t automatically add necessary attribution, so you’ll need to add it yourself.

For Leaflet:

// assuming your map is the variable map
var credits = L.control.attribution().addTo(map);
credits.addAttribution('© <a href="">Mapbox</a> © <a href="">OpenStreetMap</a> <strong><a href="" target="_blank">Improve this map</a></strong>');

The technique is similar for other frameworks: simply take the HTML code from the Static & Print section above and add it to the attribution control in the framework.

If you’re using a mapping library without an attribution control, put the HTML attribution on your page near the map. If you’re using a mobile framework without attribution support, put the text attribution into the “Credits” section of your app.

Reporting attribution problems

Attribution is required because

  • Mapbox’s map designs are copyrighted
  • OpenStreetMap data source’s ODbL license requires attribution
  • Other data sources used in our satellite, streets, and terrain maps also require attribution

You may report or inquire about sites that are in possible violations of these terms through our contact form.

If your map does not use any of these data sources, and does not use Mapbox’s designs, like Streets, Light, or Outdoors, then you are not required to provide attribution.

Styling attribution

You can adjust the font color and size to match your theme, but attribution must be clearly legible.

Additional questions? Ask our support team or learn more about How Mapbox Works.