What are the attribution requirements for my map?

According to our Terms of Service, you are required to display the Mapbox logo on your maps if you are on the the Starter (free). This logo is added automatically to your maps in the Mapbox.js API or on the share URLs from the Mapbox Editor.

Regardless of your plan level, you are required to attribute your maps, exposing the following links on all maps:

  • © Mapbox © OpenStreetMap linking to
  • Improve this map linking to

You have three options to display attribution on your Mapbox maps:

  • Automatic attribution (preferred)
  • Attribution from TileJSON
  • Roll your own

Automatic attribution (preferred)

If you use Mapbox.js or the Mapbox iOS SDK, content and display of attribution is handled for you automatically.



If you use Mapbox.js and use, attribution is automatically added.

Mapbox GL for iOS

A small attribution control will be displayed on the map view automatically. The attribution control may be moved or removed as necessary, so long as the required attribution is reasonably provided in your app.

Mapbox iOS SDK


Attribution is displayed automatically as an info button in the lower right of the map view which can be tapped to bring up an attribution view controller.

See the -[RMMapView hideAttribution:] API for more information.

Manual attribution

Mapbox Android SDK

You are responsible for displaying attribution in your app such as in a credits panel. Mapbox tile layers have a getAttribution() method which can provide the attribution string to display.


You are responsible for displaying attribution in your app such as in a credits view.

Mapbox Static API and other printed maps

All static map images and printed maps should contain the following attribution:

Data © OpenStreetMap contributors. Licensed under the Open Data Commons Open Database License. Design © Mapbox. Licensed according to the Mapbox Terms of Service.

This attribution can be placed anywhere on or near the map, so long as it is conspicuous. For more information on our print policy, click here.

Attribution from TileJSON

If for some reason you cannot use the automatic attribution provided through Mapbox.js or the Mapbox iOS SDK, use the attribution string exposed through the TileJSON document that describes your map. The attribution field in the TileJSON document contains an HTML string with appropriate attribution content based on the sources used in your Mapbox map.

{"attribution": "<a href='' target='_blank'>&copy; Mapbox &copy; OpenStreetMap</a> <a class='mapbox-improve-map' href='' target='_blank'>Improve this map</a>"}

Roll your own attribution

If you cannot use automatic attribution or attribution provided through TileJSON, you are responsible for ensuring the appropriate content and display of the map attribution.

For displaying your attribution you could use Leaflet attribution control for a web app or for a native mobile app, this might be a mention and link in your app’s credits or about panel.

var credits = L.control.attribution().addTo(map);
credits.addAttribution('Credits: Penny Dog Mapping Co.');

You can override the attribution control but when using Mapbox Streets, attribution will be added in addition to your own custom attribution.

var map ='map', '', {
        // remove the 'i'
        infoControl: false,
        // create a new attribution control
        attributionControl: true
    .setView([45, -122], 14);

// Credit Foursquare for their wonderful data
    .addAttribution('<a href="">Places data from Foursquare</a>');

Custom Attribution

Note that if you use one or more of the Mapbox styles available through mapbox map IDs, you are required to attribute OpenStreetMap and its contributors.

If you are using Mapbox Satellite or Terrain layers without Streets, you are still required to link to the Mapbox About pages as described in our Terms of Service.