Access recent high-resolution imagery

Every Mapbox account includes access to Mapbox Satellite and Landsat Live, two global basemaps.

Mapbox Satellite is a full globe basemap of high resolution satellite imagery. To use in your projects, you can:

Landsat Live contains the latest imagery, everywhere in the world. Each pixel is captured within the past 32 days and rendered directly into our layers. To use the imagery in your projects, you can add it to your Mapbox.js or mobile map with the mapbox.landsat-live map ID. You can also add vector footprints and metadata streams with mapbox.landsat-live-vt map ID for vector streams.

If you’d like to see updated or improved imagery in a specific area, please let us know by highlighting it on this map. You can also upload and host your own imagery with us as GeoTIFFs via the Mapbox Uploads API – see this blog post for more information.

For more information about Mapbox Satellite in general, check out the Satellite page.

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