Maps on GitHub Enterprise

We've teamed up with GitHub to power the maps on GitHub Enterprise. Turn on maps with one click, for free, in your GitHub Enterprise deployment.

Collaboratively manage geo data

GitHub is making data social, just like code. You can upload any GeoJSON file, and it will instantly appear on a map. As you edit the GeoJSON file, GitHub tracks your team's changes and lets you visualize the diffs on the map.

Enable maps instantly

To use maps in GitHub Enterprise, enable them from the GitHub Enterprise admin panel. Activation takes one click, and it's free of charge. The maps are streamed from our cloud, making them fast everywhere in the world, on any device.

Custom maps

If you want to add your own private maps or change the map style, create a Mapbox Commercial account. Pick a map style, copy and paste your Mapbox API access token, and your custom maps are live in GitHub Enterprise.

Offline or behind the firewall

If you're running GitHub Enterprise in a secure or offline environment, you can take your maps with you. Link your Mapbox Atlas Server in the GitHub Enterprise admin panel.

Start using Mapbox now

Create an account or talk to our sales team!