Our Maps SDK for iOS and Maps SDK for Android are available on Fabric, making it even easier for developers to get started using Mapbox.

What is Fabric?

Fabric is a modular development platform that streamlines the process of finding and using the best mobile SDKs. Automatic updates to the latest versions and dependencies and integration with popular IDEs means you spend less time on package management and more time building maps and apps.


Access and install our SDK with other best-in-class SDKs like Crashlytics and MoPub, readily accessible in one central spot.

We’ll guide you on the setup process right within the Fabric Mac app or Android IDE plugins so you don’t have to leave your existing workflow.

Fabric supports popular dependency managers for both iOS and Android. You spend less time managing your SDKs and more time building your app.

Upgrade our SDK to its latest version in just one click.

Mapbox GL SDKs

Use our open source Maps SDKs for vector maps on iOS and Android. Maps render with the speed and smoothness of a video game.

Your app, your custom map

Mapbox comes with five beautiful styles, and soon you'll be able to create custom styles with the new Mapbox Studio.

Pricing for developers

When it comes to native mobile apps, we price based on monthly active users. Start developing for free for up to 50,000 users.