San Francisco & Bay Area Tableau User Group

January 18, 2018
San Francisco, CA
85 2nd Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, CA 94105

Stop by our SF Office for SFBATUG

Come hear CTO of Starschema, Tableau Zen Master and a true white-hat hacker, Tamás Földi, discuss new dimensions in customization and integration in Tableau's extensions API.

Fellow Mapboxer and Tableau Zen Master, Allan Walker, will talk about new methods to enhance and auto-magically filter and control your Tableau dashboards with Mapbox.

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Mapbox for Data Viz

Our customizable analytics tools help you make more informed decisions with data. Run dynamic in-app analytics and create visualizations of your data as heatmaps, isochrones, clusters, choropleths, 3D maps, and more.

If you want to get started using our tools in Tableau, follow this tutorial for integrating your Mapbox maps into Tableau and get inspired by our data visualization capabilities and demos of Mapbox + Tableau.