Strata+Hadoop San Jose '17

March 14-17, 2017 in San Jose, CA

Strata+Hadoop San Jose ‘17 brings together data and business professionals from every industry. This year, Ryan is giving a talk about solving transportation problems using open data with our Mapbox Cities partners as part of the Tuesday data, transportation, and logistics summit. Join him on March 14th at 11:30AM in building LL20B.

Mapbox for Business Intelligence & Analytics

Mapbox powers BI & Analytics applications across industries. From Tableau, to SAS, to Qlik, business intelligence applications turn to Mapbox to for global location data, at any scale, visualized fast and beautifully. Our developer tools make it easy to integrate location into your BI app fast. Check out our BI Showcase for demos and how to get started. Reach out on Twitter @ryanbaumann or @samkronick to talk BI and Analytics at Strata+Hadoop San Jose this March!

Mapbox at Strata+Hadoop San Jose '17