Strata+Hadoop World NYC & IBM Dataworks

September 27-29, 2016 in New York City

Experience Mapbox & the IBM Data Science Experience

Visit Ryan Baumann and Matt Irwin’s Mapbox demo at the IBM Dataworks Launch on Tuesday 9/27/2016! We’re demoing a data science application with Mapbox GL JS for big geo data visualization. Drop by to introduce yourself and learn about making Mapbox a part of your geo data analysis and visualization workflow.

Follow a data scientist’s workflow exploring and creating a custom map of New York City’s motor vehicle collisions data. Mapbox and the IBM Data Science Experience help analysts explore, clean, visualize, and share big geo data on the same platform.

Learn how to add Mapbox to your data analysis workflow

Learn how to design a custom map, use our mobile SDKs to build an app, analyze data, use Mapbox in a Jupiter Notebook, or just read about how Mapbox works.

Just want to learn more? Say hi and start the conversation.

Mapbox at Strata+Hadoop World NYC & IBM Dataworks