OSMGeoWeek 2016 Mapillary Party

November 17, 2016 in Bangalore

Join us at Mapbox Bengaluru for OSMGeoWeek 2016 on Thursday, November 17 at 17:00 for a hands-on workshop on using the Mapillary service for crowd sourced street level photos to improve OpenStreetMap. This workshop is open to anyone interested in open data, OpenStreetMap, and algorithms for image extraction.

Join the Mapbox team

We’re currently hiring at Mapbox Bengaluru for positions such as data analyst, map data engineer, and developer. Is there an opening that sounds interesting, but you’re not sure you tick all the boxes? Please apply - we emphasize teaching and learning at Mapbox, and there’s tons of room to grow.

Just want to learn more? Say hi to any of our attendees below and start the conversation.

Mapbox at OSMGeoWeek 2016 Mapillary Party