IndiaHCI 2016

December 7-9, 2016 in Mumbai

Join Rasagy in Mumbai for IndiaHCI 2016 to talk about cartography, interactive maps on the web, and open data!

The data team at our Bengaluru office have been working on some exciting projects, like localization of crowdsourced map data for a Kannada map and multilingual OpenStreetMap India map. We have used digital map design for crowdsourcing data and coordinating humanitarian relief, like the Chennai flood map and Nepal damage analysis. We have also used maps to initiate behavioral change, like the visualization of traffic fatalities in the US and much more.

Working on a similar project like the above? Thinking about using custom maps for your app? Looking to contribute to the open data community? Just want to know more? Feel free to say hi and start the conversation!

Mapbox at IndiaHCI 2016