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Tampa Convention Center, 900 E Market St, San Antonio, TX 78205

Meet with us at GEOINT

Mapbox is excited to be back at this year’s GEOINT Symposium to interact with members of the defense and intelligence communities, academia, and industry leaders about the important work you’re doing and the tough problems you’re trying to solve.

The Mapbox live location platform modernizes GEOINT by securely and easily processing your geotagged data to unleash its power with beautiful, dynamic and interactive visualizations. Our tools, which power some of today's most popular apps, easily integrate into your applications; instantly bringing a breadth of capabilities from beautiful maps, to traffic aware routing and directions to empower and modernize how you execute your mission.

There are a few ways you can interact with us during the week:

  • Stop by our booth (#1147) learn more about our live location platform and to see a demo of Mapbox Atlas - our on-premise and field deployable software.
  • [Schedule a specific time] to talk to one of the Mapbox Government team members in attendance.
  • Attend our GEOINT [Lightning Talk] Tuesday June 4th at 4:00pm and learn more about “Machine Learning for GEOINT: Computer Vision on the Edge” featuring the new Mapbox Vision SDK.

Mapbox for Government & Citizens

Mapbox is an enterprise-scale mapping, data visualization, and analytics platform. Our APIs and client libraries integrate location – maps, imagery, geocoding, directions, asset tracking – on web, desktop, and mobile applications. Using Atlas, you can develop custom mapping and location applications from start to finish on your own private on-premises infrastructure.

Working with customers like CDC, UNDP, FCC, and The World Bank, we do the geo work so developers can spend more time building other critical components of their application and systems. Interested in learning more? Contact sales to reach our Gov team.