Android Summit 2016

August 26-27, 2016 in McLean, VA

Don’t miss Antonio Zugaldia’s talk on how to Build Your Own Ride Sharing App on Android at 2:30pm on Friday, August 26 in the Development Track room! He will discuss how to use the Open Source Mapbox SDK to build the features typically found in ridesharing apps.

Learn how to add Mapbox to your Android app

Learn more about Mapbox’s mobile platform, how to add Mapbox to your Android app, how to design a custom map for your application, or just read about how Mapbox works.

Join the Mapbox team

We’re currently hiring for new Android Mobile Developers, among many other current openings. Don’t see the perfect position? Submit a Custom Application and sell us on how you see yourself fitting into our team. Is there an opening that sounds interesting, but you’re not sure you tick all the boxes? Please apply - we emphasize teaching and learning at Mapbox, and there’s tons of room to grow.

Just want to learn more? Say hi to any of our attendees below and start the conversation.