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“Working with Mapbox introduces my students to cutting edge tools that will serve them well whether they want to focus on design or more engineering related work in the future."

Shadrock Roberts, Clark University

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It is free to create a Mapbox account. Pricing is based on usage, with generous free tiers that cover almost all student projects. Sign-up using an email from an educational institution.For students, teachers, or researchers who are concerned exceeding the free tiers, contact us.

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Explore beginner tutorials and education labs, kickstart projects with Impact Tool templates, then dig deeper into Mapbox documentation or data products.Find inspiration for projects on the Mapbox blog, guest webinars, and social media with #builtwithmapbox.

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We support instructors across disciplines to equip students to build with the latest Mapbox products. Design beautiful maps and data visualizations in Mapbox Studio, develop interactive web maps with Mapbox GL JS, and add location services to mobile apps. Connect with us about curriculum collaborations.

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Join the Mapbox developer community to connect with other builders, find help with a project, and to help other learners. If you love building with Mapbox, consider joining the team.

"In my teaching, Mapbox Studio is an excellent way to introduce geography students to web development concepts. Students can add their Studio styles into HTML templates for Mapbox GL JS and learn how to publish their creations on a website, even if they don’t have prior programming experience. And for students who are familiar with data analysis tools like R, you can use the mapboxapi library that I built to leverage Mapbox tools into spatial data science projects."

Shadrock Roberts, Clark University

Education collaborations

Curriculum: USF Web Mapping

Mapbox partnered with the University of San Francisco to deliver an 8-week web mapping course.

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Student Work: Food Banks Canada

Learn how a Fleming College student project grew into nationwide impact with a new interactive map to explore vulnerability to food insecurity.

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GIS Day Challenge

Every year we participate in GIS Day events at universities and colleges across the country, providing speakers, and applied workshops.

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Student Work: The Cost of Disaster

Students from Craig Newmark School of Journalism used Mapbox tools to help visualize the geographic distribution and financial impacts of natural disasters.

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Research: Immigrant America

Texas Christian University professor Kyle Walker has updated his project, 'Immigrant America, with the latest ACS data and was built in part with his mapboxapi R package.

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Curriculum: Clark Web Mapping

Clark University has developed a series of online web mapping course materials to help introduce students to web mapping and building basic web pages.

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Research: Stanford Education Opportunity Project

The Educational Opportunity Project (EOP) at Stanford University, goes beyond test scores by visualizing the shifting landscape of education access.

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Student Work: Capstonec Graduate Projects

USF students worked with Mapbox engineers to develop an iOS app that provides an AR-navigation to detect traffic violations using Mapbox's Vision SDK.

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Student Work: COVID-19 and Unemployment Risk

At Carnegie Mellon University, students developed a COVID-19 dashboard to analyze the effects of job closures in Pennsylvania.

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