Mapbox Cities

We're working with three cities that are ready to take on their most pressing issues through data.

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Free Mapbox tools & support to work with geodata

Mapping tools and work with geospatial data are essential for cities to address today's urban challenges - from traffic safety to disaster response and neighborhood health. Mapbox provides all cities that applied for the program with free Mapbox tools to work with geodata.

To verify our approach, we are collaborating with Melbourne, West Midlands Combined Authority in UK, and Bloomington, Indiana, to gather first-hand insights on their particular local needs. With these partner cities we will build data-driven tools using Mapbox's mobile sensor data, which will be available as open source tools to other cities later on.

Open data analysis

Next to creating insightful open data visualizations with Mapbox tools, we will be mentoring the selected cities in all things data & privacy.

Vision Zero tools

Deploy innovative strategies to reduce traffic fatalities through data-driven insights on where and why accidents happen.

Smart policies for urban mobility

Changes in urban mobility are inevitable to improve commuting congestion and ultimately the quality of life of residents. Working with mobile sensor data unlocks invaluable traffic and safety knowledge to form the foundation of advanced mobility policies for self-driving cars, ride sharing, and urban bicycle solutions.

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