Brand Guidelines

We provide the following brand guidelines to make it easy for you to use the Mapbox logo. Please follow these guidelines to ensure that the Mapbox brand is consistent, recognizable, and always looks great.

If you would like to use our logo in any format not covered by these guidelines, please contact


The Mapbox logo is a combination of the wordmark with the icon. Please always use the wordmark and icon together. Refrain from using either the wordmark or the icon on its own.

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Clear space

For Mapbox logo to show its full potential, please leave at least one icon around the logo.

Logo size

To ensure legibility, the Mapbox logo height should never be smaller than 30px in digital and 0.4in in print.

Logo colors

The Mapbox logo can only be black or white both for web and print.

Use the black logo #0E1012 for light background.

Use the white logo #FFFFFF for dark background.

Good examples of using Mapbox logo on image and color background.


Here are a few examples of what you should avoid when using the logo.

DON’T change the logo color

DON’T use the icon by itself

DON’T use the wordmark by itself

DON’T apply a gradient

DON’T apply a shadow

DON’T deform or manipulate the logo

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