Zeit Online, the digital sister publication of Germany’s most widely read weekly paper launched new maps in a completely custom branded design, seamlessly integrating into the website’s look and feel. The new maps use German labels, all sourced through OpenStreetMap. Thomas Jöchler, head of Zeit Online’s interactive team says:

We’ve developed a design for our maps that would be Zeit’s unique canvas for anything geographic. Our maps needed to be functional for something as simple as showing context with locator maps or as complex as elaborate interactives. Our new maps carry the branding of Zeit Online, yet their design is subtle, not glaring, setting the stage for our content on mobile and the web.

Map showing how doctor’s offices concentrate in affluent neighborhoods of German cities.

All hurricanes between 2008 and 2013 mapped for a feature on emergency management on the Florida keys.

The map uses Zeit Online’s fonts on all zoom levels.

The Zeit’s new maps do not only cover the full globe but go down to the highest zoom levels, all sourced from OpenStreetMap data.

Labels are intentionally sparse to make space for information on data visualizations and locator maps.

Nuclear power plants in Great Britain from an article on how the UK doubles down on nuclear power. Note the German labels for Ireland, UK, Netherlands and Belgium.

Head over to Zeit Online to check out the new Zeit maps, for instance on yesterday’s article on how the Florida keys prepare for hurricanes or today’s interactive on how doctors concentrate in affluent neighborhoods.