We’ve just refreshed our satellite imagery for two beautiful Canadian cities, Toronto and Vancouver.

Here’s a bit of central Vancouver, showing the shiny geodesic dome of the Science World museum, the 2010 Olympic Village across the bottom left, and the bridge-shaped Central building southeast of center:


CN Tower in Toronto, with the aquarium and Rogers Centre at its foot – and the SkyWalk to Union Station:

CN Tower

Explore the new satellite photos to find details like rafts of fresh-cut logs floating just offshore of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver:

Fresh-cut logs

Or zoom in on the Crystal, the controversial Deconstructivist addition to the Royal Ontario Museum, near Queen’s Park in Toronto:


Toronto and Vancouver are just two of many satellite updates that we’re working on this month. Keep reading the blog to see more, and if you have any questions, get in touch – I’m @jqtrde on Twitter.