The Mapbox Data Team continues to assist YouthMappers, now to map Kenya for malaria prevention. Youth Mappers is a global program of student mapping societies supported by USAID. This project uses data to help make smart decisions on where to spray for mosquitoes in residential areas.

Malaria prevention Local malaria control team. Photo by Brant Stewart, RTI/Courtesy of PMI

We are in the process of assessing satellite imagery quality in the region, which has been great for tracing so far. And we are validating map data contributed by YouthMappers through the HOT Tasking Manager.

We’re looking forward to catching up with YouthMappers at the HOT Summit later this week to discuss how open data and the open mapping curriculum in TeachOSM can address the Sustainable Development Goals. Catch me on Twitter to talk more, or see any of the Data Team in Brussels.