Welcome Randall Jackson, as VP of Sales! Randall is leading our sales team, running right next to me on the business side of the house.

Not many people wake up in the morning wanting to buy an NoSQL database. Randall’s leadership at MongoDB, MarkLogic, and Swiftstack changed that. He stays focused on the needs of the customers and crafting solutions, rather than getting caught up in how cool the tech is. Randall’s roots as an engineer — combined with his last 15 years in enterprise sales — give him a blend of perspective to take care of our technical enterprise partners integrating location and mapping into their applications.

We’re building our technical sales team to stay close to developers — being the front line that gets our tools live and building the relationships to help us prioritize product feedback with engineering. Randall’s ability to tell a story helps us package product and better communicate all the new functionality that the team is shipping.

And he rocks a fedora.

Randall Jackson