We’ve teamed up with foursquare to give developers using the foursquare API access to a special free MapBox plan. Now any of the 25,000+ developers from developers.foursquare.com can sign up for a free custom plan on mapbox.com/foursquare that has more views, more storage, access to analytics, and no branding - for free.

Along with the free plan, we are working on new examples of what you can do with the foursquare API together with MapBox. The Tutorial & Samples section in developer.foursquare.com has been updated, so you can see how to map what is trending, explore tips, where you have been. To see a fully built out app, check out the store finder example that Dave built. It’s powered by foursquare POI data and realtime checkins, and all the code is open sourced on GitHub. We will post more about this later this week as we rollout examples, so follow @mapbox + @foursquareapi for updates.

an example of a foursquare store finder
A look at one of our favorite lunch spot in Washington, DC - Sweetgreen.

This is a natural partnership. Foursquare is all about place and helping people discover the world around them, and MapBox is all about making fast and beautiful maps to visualize the world and your data. The MapBox platform provides everything developers need to design and integrate gorgeous maps using our worldwide street-level base map powered by OpenStreetMap data. Hot maps are critical for developers building on rich location platforms. This is why together MapBox and foursquare are offering custom packages to help foursquare developers design maps for their sites and mobile apps.