Weather Decision Technologies (WDT), one of the largest weather data companies in the world, just upgraded iMap, their interactive weather maps. The hundreds of news outlets (and tens of millions of users) that are using WDT’s realtime weather maps to track live radar feeds, forecasts and alerts, temperatures, and hurricanes are now visualizing this data on top of MapBox Streets Terrain maps.

WDT’s switch to MapBox offers subscribers a custom design to match their brand, a highly redundant infrastructure that scales when traffic surges around large storms and disasters, and fast maps for users on the web and mobile. TV subscribers that use these map live on air will be using device caching for maps to ensure smooth interaction when live on TV. Here is a look at some of WDT’s new weather maps.

A storm approaching Cincinnati, Ohio:

Storm approaching Cincinnati

Heavy rain in the Gulf of Mexico:

Rainfall in the Gulf of Mexico

Hurricane Leslie (east of Bermuda) with winds at 75 miles per hour:

Hurricane Leslie (close to Bermuda) with winds at 75 miles per hour

Clouds over Florida, Bahamans, and Cuba:

Clouds over Florida, Bahamans, and Cuba

Afternoon thunderstorms west of Miami, Florida:

Afternoon Thunderstorms west of Miami, Florida

We are especially excited to be collaborating with WDT’s engineering and design team around the new MapBox JavaScript API. For us this is about pushing the mapping space forward to start thinking differently about design and interaction. The great API documentation is making this easy.

Steve Gallien, Sr. Vice President of Special Projects on making the switch, “Not only will this partnership open up new opportunities for customization, great design and secure performance; the MapBox and WDT collaboration will bring the exclusive iMap experience to users who can take full advantage of JavaScript and HTML5.”

For more on WDT’s switch, read their announcement.