Smart Directions is getting a huge upgrade, more than just helping people move around their city in cars and scooters — we now have walking directions, today in private beta. Our friends at RunKeeper have already integrated with the new API and are using it to power their new route planning app that snaps a path as athletes log their workouts.

Logging a 5-mile run north of Vancouver, Canada

In contrast to car directions, the new walking API allows access to every way in the data that is accessible by foot, unless explicitly forbidden. One-way streets and turn restrictions are ignored as if they were just normal streets with no restrictions at all. While streets and foot paths are equally weighted, we give preference to foot paths with a solid surface — paved paths are preferred over sandy surfaces.

Combined with Mapbox Outdoors, it’s easy to route paths up mountains or find the more scenic route through a city.

Snapping along the trails of Mount Rainier

If you’d like to try out the new API, get in touch with us for early access.