FOSS4G, an open source geospatial conference, is coming to Washington, DC from April 10 to 12. We’re excited to attend to talk about our latest mapping tools, such as our MapBox Streets world baselayer map and cartography tool TileMill, and our thinking around where open source geo technology is headed and what is needed.

Sessions are being selected in part by the community, with open voting going on now until this Sunday. Check out the session submissions and vote for what you’re interested in discussing. We’ve submitted three sessions:

  • New Maps: Beyond the Google Maps Paradigm: Draggable, zoomable, and usable maps are mainstream. Tom will talk about what’s next and our thinking on maps in frames-per-second, projections, and new touch interactivity patterns.

  • Rendering the World: Serving a tile street map of the world is a daunting task. Young will explain step by step how MapBox is able to serve a pre-rendered global street map and why it’s critical for providing a fast, affordable basemap option.

  • Cartography with TileMill, PostGIS, and OpenStreetMap: With TileMill, a PostGIS database, and OpenStreetMap data, it’s easy to quickly make interactive maps. AJ will share of his tips on how to make them beautiful, elegant, and usable from a cartographic design perspective.

FOSS4G registration is open, with spots going quickly. We hope to see you there!