Today’s update to Terrain has insane speed optimizations using Mapnik’s new geometry simplifications. The terrain vector tiles are now anywhere from 8 to 80% leaner. This directly translates to faster and smoother maps on mobile, and it looks the same.

Leaner data, and you can’t tell the difference

Tile X/Y/Z Before (Node Mapnik 3.0.x) After (Node Mapnik 3.3.0) % Reduction
3031/6446/14 vector.pbf - 259KB vector.pbf - 49KB 81%
3035/6421/14 vector.pbf - 99KB vector.pbf - 31KB 69%
6106/3444/13 vector.pbf - 78KB vector.pbf - 68KB 13%
2137/1452/12 vector.pbf - 58KB vector.pbf - 52KB 10%
331/721/11 vector.pbf - 133KB vector.pbf - 121KB 9%

Thanks to the power of vector tiles all maps using Mapbox Terrain are already benefiting from this update. There is nothing to do except enjoy the faster maps! Thank you Mapnik!