The new vector based Mapbox Terrain layer we are designing lets us style and combine datasets in ways that were previously not possible. For example, we can now integrate contour lines with elevation labels layered on top of Mapbox Satellite — and make it fast for the entire world. The elevation data reveals the third dimension on otherwise flat imagery, providing a new perspective for a hiker planning their routes, or a drone pilot maneuvering their craft. While we are still working on the design, the combination is stunning.

Grand Canyon National Park, AZ. View fullscreen map.

Franklin Glacier Volcano, BC

San Francisco, CA

K2 Mountain, China/Pakistan border

Egmont National Park, New Zealand

Alps, France/Switzerland border

We’re launching the new Mapbox Terrain vector layer in the next month. It will be possible to use this vector terrain layer with any imagery source, from our satellite imagery, to drone imagery you collect, to other satellite imagery you buy. Hit us up on twitter @Mapbox with questions or ping me directly to talk specific technical details about vector tile compositing @mateo_verde.