Our maps are built by contributors from around the world, sharing information on the places they know and love on OpenStreetMap. Through this extensive network, changes to road networks, buildings, and other infrastructure are reflected on the map as they happen. Mappers around the world map, cherish, and actively protect OpenStreetMap.

Edits in OpenStreetmap animated and gridded Edits in OpenStreetMap in a few minutes

The Mapbox data team works closely with communities of mappers to validate and protect OpenStreetMap data. When the rare problem occurs, the OpenStreetMap community identifies and rapidly resolves the issue. Our data team reviews the most active areas, places of interest based on where our customers are, and updates that our algorithms think are suspicious. We are helping to build OSMCha and osm-compare to analyze, inspect, and verify changes in OpenStreetMap as they happen. All of our maps feature an Improve this map link for users to report problems on the map data or style. This map feedback is resolved within 24 hours.

We share mapping best practices from the community and our team through our guides, training, and workshops worldwide. Learn how to use validation tools and join the effort to keep OpenStreetMap the best map out there.