You can now upload massive TIFFs to your account – up to 4 GB files – and we've overhauled our data processing pipeline to quickly process all that data. We can now process a 4 GB TIFF and have it live on your Mapbox account in as few as 10 minutes.

This 3.9 GB orthoimagery 8-bit TIFF file, covering roughly 25 sq miles at 20-centimeter resolution, was uploaded to and processed in just 13 minutes. View full screen map

Here are a few examples of what you can upload with the new 4 GB limit:

  • Imagery from a one hour drone flight – have it online and shareable in 10 minutes
  • A strip of imagery from Landsat 8
  • 30 cm resolution aerial imagery of all of Manhattan from DigitalGlobe
  • 5 meter resolution satellite imagery of a 20,000 acre farm from RapidEye
  • Enough Airbus SPOT imagery at 1.5-meter resolution to cover 717,409 olympic sized trampolines
  • 25 square miles of 20 cm resolution orthoimagery

Want to take this for a spin? It's available now on all Mapbox accounts. Questions? Reach out to