Tom, Eric and I are wrapping up a full day of presentations and conversations with attendees at Where Conference in San Francisco. This afternoon, Tom and I had a chance to present on our tools and process for open source mapping. We had a great response: people here are really excited to see what’s possible with open source geospatial tools and open datasets.

You can check out our slides now, and a video should be posted shortly. Tom summed up the main takeaway as this:

open source libraries > their © equivalents

To start there are incredibly detailed and easy-to-work-with datasets like OpenStreetMap that make it possible to design completely custom base maps, such as what we’ve done with MapBox Streets.

There are also great open source tools for processing both large and small datasets, like Quantum GIS, which we use to reproject, analyze, and join geographic data to tabular spreadsheets.

Check out our slides for more links and thoughts on building an open mapping stack. If you have questions or want more detailed information, reach out to us on Twitter or check out our help docs.

Also, tune in to the live stream tomorrow at 9:25am PT (12:25pm ET) for Eric’s keynote presentation and a special announcement.