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The United Kingdom just experienced its warmest December on record and the wettest since 1929. An average of 8.3 inches of rain (211 mm for those following along in metric) fell across the country last month, causing widespread flooding.

When Information Lab CTO Craig Bloodworth woke up on December 26 to water lapping at his front door in the city of York, he did what any Tableau Zen Master and Mapbox super-user would do: grab some open data to map the flooding and post the results to Tableau Public.

Check out the interactive Tableau Public visualization. Click the flood map, flood alerts, and river status tabs to explore the data.

Craig blogged the process of building the visualization with Tableau’s Mapbox integration and Alteryx, a separate platform he used to blend flood data from the UK Environment Agency’s public APIs. The result shows the locations of flood alerts, flooding footprints, and river levels compared to historical averages.

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Lead photo by Getty Images shows members of the 2nd Battalion, Duke of Lancaster Regiment evacuating residents of York on December 27 after the River Ouse flooded its banks.