Today at Mobile World Congress we showed off Mapbox support for Ubuntu Mobile with direct Mapbox.js integration into any HTML5 Ubuntu Mobile app. Developers can design totally custom maps and integrate them into their apps in minutes and even get access to native features like the camera and the accelerometer using Cordova (previously known as PhoneGap). Across all web, mobile and desktop experiences on Ubuntu an app will look exactly the same. If you have ever added a Mapbox map to a website, you’re ready to start developing for Ubuntu Mobile using HTML5.

Eric routing us to the Sagrada Familia from MWC

This morning I demoed the above location app, which is loaded onto every phone at the Canonical booth at Mobile World Congress (section 8 in the main Fira). The idea is simple: we wanted to create a mapping demo app that displays both Ubuntu’s platform as well as Mapbox’s. The app allows users to search for points of interest and find more information about the location, then route there. The app utilizes Mapbox’s full API stack: a completely custom base map, geocoding, routing, and even Foursquare’s API to create a seamless Ubuntu experience.

Quick view of the Ubuntu Maps demo app

Getting going with Ubuntu Mobile and Mapbox is easy. I’ve created ‘a hello world’ app to get you started.

If you’re at Mobile World Congress, drop by to see us at WIP Jam event or hit me up on Twitter to talk maps and mobile.

Big thanks to David Pitkin and the rest of the Canonical team. We loved working with all of their engineers.