Expanding turn restrictions coverage in OpenStreetMap

Our team is in the process of updating and improving turn restrictions in OpenStreetMap for select cities around the world. Using the mapping guide for adding turn restrictions, Mapillary photos, and the navigation map, we’ve added 1178 turn restrictions in 32 US cities in 13 days.

Mapping turn restrictions allows our Directions API to find the best route to your destination. Cities restrict turns to optimize traffic flow along certain corridors or for safety purposes, and they are a critical part of the underlying data in the map for navigation. Currently, there are over 520,000 turn restrictions in the OpenStreetMap database added by mappers around the world.

Turn restrictions in Washington DC (fullscreen map)

We are now in the process of validating the added turn restrictions. Feel free to review the data in any of the cities where we worked on, and post your feedback on our project tracker.

If you have questions or suggestions for our guide on mapping turn restrictions, find me on Twitter. And if you are attending State of the Map US join Shiv for the Tagging and mapping for routing and navigation workshop on Monday, July 25 at 2:30pm!