Atlas Server brings Mapbox’s fast global maps to your private infrastructure. Now it includes Turf, so you can run advanced spatial analysis on private data. Now you can use GIS for analysis and decision-making, and share the results internally with beautiful maps.

Turf is a fast and compact library that implements geospatial operations like buffering, isolines, and TINs. It’s built on proven and modern technology - taking advantage of the well-designed GeoJSON format for geographic data and heavily optimized JavaScript engines for algorithmic performance. Its performance is constantly measured and improved, and behavior is covered by hundreds of integration tests.

Unlike the ArcGIS API for JavaScript, Turf can run completely client-side for all operations, so your web apps can work offline and you can keep sensitive information local. With the building blocks for GIS analysis on the web, you can create your next spatial application in a whole new way: as small pieces joined together intelligently using Turf. Email to get a free 45 day trial.