Scenic beauty, cultural heritage, artistic and culinary diversity – what’s not to enjoy when planning a European vacation? Now you can design travel maps that highlight only the best tourist destinations with Mapbox Streets new handling of landmarks.

Highlighting landmarks

Mapbox Streets v7 will make it easier to design maps that highlight major landmarks. The most visible way we’re doing this is by adjusting the zoom levels that important points of interest are available. World-famous landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower and Buckingham Palace, now start at zoom levels 10 and 11 respectively. While more regional and local landmarks are added progressively at zoom levels 12, 13, and so on.

We’re determining the ranking of landmarks by checking if the point of interest is associated with a Wikidata entity or Wikipedia article and the number of languages the Wikipedia article is available in. Both the ranking algorithm and zoom levels are a works-in-progress – expect to see us continue to tweak them for even better results.

Travel maps made easy

This map style highlights cultural and historical features in a few European capital cities. In this style, I’ve created seperate layers for each of the poi_label types and color-coded them as outlined in the legend below:


Learn more about styling and adding interactivity with Mapbox Studio: