Tracking the things you hate to lose the most just got an upgrade. TrackR’s small and lightweight devices - including TrackR bravo, TrackR wallet, and the new TrackR pixel - now help people find over 4.5 million items thanks to connected mobile apps powered by our mobile SDKs.

Whereas in the past tracking services generally relied upon sound alerts, mapping is now a “must have” expectation of forgetful customers … like me. On a recent layover at the Orlando airport, I left my keys on a chair prior to boarding. When I got to my doorstep in Washington, D.C., a sound alert wouldn’t have helped me very much. Luckily, the built-in geofencing of my TrackR Bravo and the handy map I pulled up on my iPhone’s TrackR app helped me pinpoint exactly where it was.

Speaking of “pinpointing”, the TrackR app - built using Mapbox’s iOS and Android SDKs - comes with a custom styled map, as seen below. The style seamlessly carries through the TrackR brand and - speaking from experience - puts you at ease by reminding you that an entire company of people is helping you locate your lost item.

TrackR maps on iPhone and Android

We’re making it easier to track everything from phones and wallets to planes, groceries, earthquakes and even the Mars Curiosity Rover. Want to explore custom styles for the things you’re tracking? Sign up and build a custom map today, or contact our team to learn more.