Missing a Vaporeon? Did that Dragonite disappear before you unleashed your Pokéball? Trying to catch ‘em all can be grueling, but Pokémon Go has spawned an ecosystem of companion apps to help you meet other players and expand your Pokédex.

PokeRadar uses crowdsourced data from the incredible community created by Pokémon Go to show where Pokémon have been caught and for how long they’ll be available. The PokeRadar team has optimized the platform to display only Pokémon caught within the last 60 minutes, ensuring the data is fresh.

PokeRadar uses Mapbox Streets and marker clustering to elegantly manage thousands of Pokémon sightings and help users navigate their augmented reality (AR) quests. Custom tooltips let users confirm a Pokémon’s location and see who caught it most recently.


Head over to PokeRadar to see what’s near you, and check out their iOS and Android apps as well. Working on your own AR app or using Mapbox to build maps for a game? Show off your work @Mapbox.