Factual is tracing millions of new features using Mapbox Commercial Satellite imagery to add even more detailed geographic features to their massive store of location data. Factual consumes Mapbox Satellite imagery via our API and uses it to trace everything from retail locations to parking lots. From there, the vector data is loaded into Geopulse Proximity, Factual’s geofencing solution, and Geopulse Audience, a tool that uses geofences and other location data to generate user profiles.

These Geopulse tools help publishers and developers use location data to serve custom content. Sports and ticketing apps, for example, can use Factual to tailor mobile experiences based on a user’s exact location, whether inside the stadium, outside the stadium, or in the stadium parking lot.

Tracing Nationals Park in Washington, D.C.

“We’re constantly expanding and updating our coverage of the world’s businesses and POIs. We chose to work with Mapbox Commercial Satellite imagery because of the great imagery quality and the API.”

— Tyler Bell, VP of Product

Hit up Tyler Bell on Twitter to learn more about Factual and pop over to our Commercial Satellite page or ping us on Twitter @mapbox to talk about tracing imagery.