Today we’re releasing version 2.3.0 of the Mapbox Android SDK with improvements across the board.


Tilt is now fully supported by the SDK. You can set the angle programmatically via the setTilt() method, or using the standard two-finger shove:

Multiple InfoWindows

You can now have multiple InfoWindows open on your map simple by setting setAllowConcurrentMultipleOpenInfoWindows(true). If your user interacts with the map, for example, rotating, tilting, or zooming, we’ll track the InfoWindows for you:

A smaller SDK

Despite adding more features, we’re working hard to make every new version of the SDK smaller. In this version, for example, by using OkHttp for network calls, we’re seeing our SDK reduced by almost 4MB, and this is only the beginning. By making our SDK smaller, your app gets smaller too, and your users can download your app faster from the Play Store.

Visit the full changelog for a complete list of improvements included with this release.

Happy hacking.