I caught up with the folks over at IBM’s New Builders podcast after AWS re:Invent to talk about what’s ahead for Mapbox, geospatial analysis, and natural resource industries. Check out the podcast here.

As we move into 2017, businesses and governments are working with an ever-increasing array of location data. Mapbox is building the tools to enable developers to do location analysis and visualization of this data at a global scale with data-driven styles, analytics tools like tile-reduce and turf.js, and visualization tools like 3D extrusions.

Hard industries such as mining, oil and gas, and construction have traditionally relied on detailed but static maps. While these maps are critical for work site planning and operations management, they are often out-of-date and expensive to maintain. How can customers in these industries make faster decisions, predict machine problems before they occur, and create efficient logistics systems? Mapbox creates tools that help customers transition from static maps to detailed, real-time web and mobile decision making applications.

Analysis for heavy industry

Whether it’s a city communicating development plans to it’s citizens, a quarry optimizing work-site machine dispatch, or an oil and gas company minimizing exploration cost - high velocity, living maps are at the center of the decision making process.

Optimizing quarries

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