The FAA issues Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) to restrict airspace around VIP movements, natural disasters, and other special or sensitive events. Since we released the Don’t Fly Drones Here map, we’ve had a number of conversations with our friends in the drone community about how we could improve the map. Today we’re rolling out an update that adds TFRs to the map as soon as they’re available from the FAA. Visit the interactive map to see the TFR layer.

TFR Our updated Don’t Fly Drones Here map, with TFRs added as orange zones. Check out the slippy map.

To build this map we scrape TFR announcement data with Kimono, build a geoJSON file from the coordinates in the TFR’s XML pages, bake the geoJSON into vector tiles, and layer the tiles on the base map.

potus TFRs blanketed the Windy City due to the President’s movements.