We’re open-sourcing the software we use to manage Mapbox’s operations - our interpretation of modern HR - and starting with our team directory.

Demoing team directory

As more amazing people have joined Mapbox, we’ve started to need a little more organization. How many vegetarians are in the Washington, DC office for when we order pizza? When Eric needs a flight booked, what’s his frequent flier number? Where is Sajjad, and what time is it there?

This is when you might pull out an Excel spreadsheet. Instead, we wanted a tool that fits the way we work: asynchronously, on GitHub, with simple open formats. We built our own Team Directory: an application that manages metadata about our company as a JSON file, in a versioned GitHub repository. The web application, built with React & Redux, is accessible to everyone on the team - so when your home address or twitter handle changes, you make the change yourself, in moments.

We’ve been using this system for over two years, and just put the finishing touches on a refactored, configurable version that we’re making available to everyone as open source software. Now every group can customize their own version and manage team information in a simple, flexible new way.

Learn more about the project, get a copy of the source, and contribute to the Team Directory open source project.