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Build better buildings with indoor maps

The U.S. construction industry generates 37 million blueprints each year. 90% of contractors keep those...

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Style-optimized vector tiles

We’re introducing a new feature for optimizing your vector tiles to give you more control...

October 11 2016

Find us at FOSS4G!

Photo by UNFCCC. Vladimir Agafonkin (@mourner), Johan Uhle (@freenerd), and I (@sgillies) will be in...


Improved performance for your maps

Your maps are about to get faster thanks to some newly updated vector tiles and...

May 19 2016
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Mapbox Streets and Terrain now follow Vector Tile Specification version 2

We upgraded billions of our tiles in Mapbox Streets and Terrain* to follow the updated...

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Vector Tile Specification version 2: what's changed?

The Mapbox Vector Tile Specification recently graduated to version 2.0 and along with it a...


The new Mapbox Vector Tile Specification guide

Vector tiles are how we store geographic data for rendering on the web or mobile...

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Clustering millions of points on a map with Supercluster

Last year, I explained how we use dynamic shape simplification and partitioning algorithms to render...

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Rendering big geodata on the fly with GeoJSON-VT

Despite the amazing advancements of computing technologies in recent years, processing and displaying large amounts...

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Linking the most interesting places in the world

The Geotaggers’ World Atlas is my long-term project to discover the world’s most interesting places...


Mapbox Vector Tile Specification adopted by Esri

The Mapbox Vector Tile spec is catching on. We are pleased to announce that Esri...

March 17 2015
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Mapping extremely dense point data with vector tiles

One of the most challenging geographic data sets I have ever worked with is the...

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Mapbox terrain data update

We just pushed a huge data update to Mapbox Outdoors, increasing terrain resolution across nearly...

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Temperature and terrain cartography

Our new vector tile compositing technology opens possibilities for streaming data into maps. This week...

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Earthquake ShakeMap design

Peak ground velocity for the 7.5-magnitude earthquake in Guerrero, Mexico in April.

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Designing a Map for the Outdoors From the Ground Up

The new Mapbox Outdoors is all about bringing the background forward. Hill shades orient runners,...

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Designing a Vector Terrain Map for Outdoor Apps

We are starting a major update to MapBox Terrain. We are designing this specifically for...

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Vector Tiles Preview: Designing the World with TileMill2

A peek over AJ’s shoulder while he uses an early internal preview of TileMill 2,...