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data & OpenStreetMap

Fast OpenStreetMap micro tasking with To-Fix and JOSM

The new To-Fix JOSM plugin makes working on OpenStreetMap micro tasks much faster. Usually, when...

October 15 2015
data & OpenStreetMap

Improving OpenStreetMap with probe data

We’re building a new data processing pipeline for analyzing GPS probe data streams. This infrastructure...

developer tools

Tracking to-fix improvements to OpenStreetMap

To-fix is a micro-tasking tool that breaks large data curation tasks into smaller jobs that...

April 01 2015
data & OpenStreetMap

To-fix: improving OpenStreetMap through micro tasking

To-fix is a micro tasking tool we’ve been working on for improving map data. Feed...

January 20 2015
data & OpenStreetMap

ICCM and micro-tasking tools in OpenStreetMap

I’ll be at the International Conference of Crisis Mappers with Matt this week hanging out...