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New Heat Map Analytics Upgrade for TileStream Hosting

We just upgraded TileStream Hosting’s analytics dashboard to better visualize how people are interacting with...

July 29 2011

TileStream Hosting Adds Street Level Layer Options for Embedded Maps

We recently added the option to display a street level layer below your custom map...

July 18 2011
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Introducing Map Sharing in TileStream

As part of our recent feature rollout for TileStream Hosting, we introduced map sharing -...

July 06 2011

Fast Maps: TileStream Launches Compositing, Modest Maps, and New Mobile Support

We just rolled out tile compositing to TileStream Hosting, radically increasing the speed of our...

June 29 2011

MapBox Happy Hour NYC - Next Tuesday, May 24th

We’re hosting a MapBox happy hour this coming Tuesday (the 24th) in NYC at the...

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New Documentation on Color, Geocoding, QGIS, and GDAL Released for MapBox

We’re expanding our documentation to help TileMill and TileStream users get the most out of...

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MapBox Launches TileStream Hosting and Announces the TileMill Appliance

You can now sign up for TileStream Hosting, our fast and fully managed hosting service...