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See you at The Fifth Elephant

Aarthy, Ramya and I are going to be at The Fifth Elephant in Bengaluru on...

data & OpenStreetMap

Scaling vector tile analysis for the whole world with TileReduce

We’re working on new technology for answering geographic problems on a global scale. To determine...

data & OpenStreetMap

How complete is OpenStreetMap?

How do we measure OpenStreetMap’s data coverage? One approach is to compare it against established...

November 19 2015
data & OpenStreetMap

Quality analysis for OpenStreetMap

OSM QA Tiles are now being updated daily for the entire world on as...

September 03 2015
data & OpenStreetMap

Guiding mapping priorities in Nepal with seismological data

To better guide Nepal mapping efforts we used Turf, TileReduce, and seismological data from the...