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Print maps: Tall stuff visible from Boulder, Colorado

Here’s a typical example of what the horizon might look like across an intersection or...

July 08 2014

Pinterest: Scaling Beautiful Maps

Pinterest now has maps! Gorgeous maps, designed by our friends at Stamen using our open...

November 21 2013
map design

Dynamic hill shading in the browser

What if the map on your iPhone was responsive, changing the shadows based on the...

map design

TileMill Seamless Blur

Experimenting with the new ability in TileMill to seamlessly blur geometries – coming soon in...

June 28 2013

TileMill for Education

Today I am visiting Humboldt State University, along with Nathaniel Kelso, as a speaker in...


Analyzing Infrared Bands with TileMill

We’re using TileMill more and more as an analytical tool, especially as we explore infrared...

map design

Design Weather Maps

We’re playing around with personalized weather maps – taking raw weather data and making our...

data & OpenStreetMap

Scaled Data Value Design in TileMill

Scaled data values can ensure that a user’s eyes are drawn to important data points...

March 12 2013

TileMill for Raster Analysis

I’ve previously written about the new raster support TileMill has due to the raster-colorizer functionality,...

March 01 2013
map design

Expanding TileMill's Building Symbolizer to Visualize Complex 3d Structures

TileMill’s ability to map 3D complex structures continues to improve. This is a quick post...

February 18 2013

Using TileMill's raster-colorizer

Terrain maps are awesome, but creating them has been at best a complicated six-step process....

February 15 2013

Georeferencing Images for Use in TileMill and MapBox

If the skies are clear on Monday, GeoEye will capture incredible imagery of President Obama’s...

January 15 2013

Export Your ArcGIS Projects to TileMill

TileMill Connect, a new feature from Arc2Earth Sync that lets you open ArcGIS projects in...

December 05 2012

Connecting ArcGIS to TileMill with Arc2Earth Sync

Here’s a video preview of TileMill Connect, a new feature that allows you to instantly...

November 27 2012
map design

Learn CartoCSS and Compositing by Customizing Geography Class

TileMill ships with several example projects to give you ideas about how it can be...

October 25 2012

Announcing TileMill 0.10.0

We just released TileMill 0.10.0, the latest version of our open source map design studio....

September 19 2012

OSCON: Presenting on Open Source Mapping

OSCON, O’Reilly’s Open Source Convention, kicked off today for a full week of presentations and...

July 16 2012

Demoing TileMill at the GeoDC Meetup Tonight

Tonight’s GeoDC meetup at 7:00 pm at Stetson’s Bar on U Street will feature four...

June 06 2012
map design

TileMill Feature Preview: Compositing Operations

Artem and Dane have been hard at work on some fantastic new developments in Mapnik,...

May 22 2012
map design

TileMill 0.9.1 Released

We just released TileMill 0.9.1, which adds support for PostGIS 2.0, runs on the latest...

May 08 2012
data & OpenStreetMap

Visualizing Global Forest Height

At EcoHackNYC last weekend, I spent a lot of time talking with fantastic people about...

map design

Letter-Spacing in a Multilingual World

On Wednesday at the FOSS4G North America conference here in Washington, DC I spoke about...

April 13 2012
map design

Experiments in the 3rd Dimension

The good folks at Sanborn were kind enough to send us a sample extract of...

March 22 2012
map design

Create a custom map of your city in 30 minutes with TileMill and OpenStreetMap

With our OSM Bright template and a local extract of OpenStreetMap data, you can design...

February 08 2012

Crash Course Published for TileMill

We just published a new crash course for our map design studio TileMill. This is...

January 30 2012

TileMill 0.9.0 Released with Full Windows Support

We’re excited to bring you TileMill 0.9.0. The latest release of our map design studio...

January 25 2012

TileMill 0.7.2 Released: Save and Style, Improved Autocompletion, Performance

The recent TileMill 0.7.2 release adds new features to the map design tool that make...

December 12 2011
map design

How To Add Images to Maps with TileMill's SVG Support

Image support in TileMill, our open source map design tool, allows you to add custom...

November 25 2011

TileMill 0.7.0 Released: Autocomplete and Direct Uploads to MapBox

We just released TileMill 0.7.0, which is now available for download on This release...

November 22 2011

TileMill 0.6.0 Released with Improved CSV Support and Usability Enhancements

I’m pleased to announce another major release of the map design tool TileMill, which brings...

October 26 2011

Inside the TileMill Mac OS X App

One of the new features in the latest TileMill release is the new TileMill Mac...

August 31 2011

TileMill 0.5 Adds SQLite Datasource Support

TileMill 0.5.0 is now available, with the biggest addition being support for using SQLite databases...

August 30 2011

New Natural Earth 1.4.0 Data Added to MapBox GeoData Library for TileMill

An update to the Natural Earth dataset was released last week, and the MapBox geodata...

August 22 2011

New MapBox Cloud Data Catalogue Released for TileMill

MapBox now supports a cloud data library that is fully integrated into the new version...

August 17 2011

TileMill Now Twice as Fast

The latest release of TileMill makes it significantly faster to render and design custom maps....

August 10 2011

New TileMill 0.4 Released with Easy Installation and Faster Maps

TileMill 0.4 is available today for download on Mac OS X and Ubuntu Linux. This...

August 09 2011

Announcing a Virtual Machine for TileMill

Easy installation of TileMill, our open source map design studio, is one of the most...

map design

New Carto Stylesheet on GitHub: OpenStreets

We’ve just uploaded a new Carto stylesheet to GitHub - Open Streets. The style is...

June 24 2011

Announcing PostGIS Support in TileMill

We just released version 0.3.1 of TileMill, our open source map design studio. The big...

May 26 2011

Using Excess Federal Properties to Show the Benefits of TileMill's Interactivity

Recently the White House released a listing of nearly 14,000 properties owned by the government...


MapBox Happy Hour NYC - Next Tuesday, May 24th

We’re hosting a MapBox happy hour this coming Tuesday (the 24th) in NYC at the...

developer tools

New Documentation on Color, Geocoding, QGIS, and GDAL Released for MapBox

We’re expanding our documentation to help TileMill and TileStream users get the most out of...


TileMill 0.2.0 Released

TileMill 0.2.0 is now available for download with several new features and bugfixes. The most...

May 16 2011
map design

Stylizing Dots on a Map to Tell Better Stories

I just posted a step-by-step tutorial on that shows how fast you can generate...

May 05 2011
developer tools

MapBox Launches TileStream Hosting and Announces the TileMill Appliance

You can now sign up for TileStream Hosting, our fast and fully managed hosting service...


Announcing TileMill: A Modern Map Design Studio Powered by Open Source

Today we announce TileMill, a project that brings map design to new audiences and pushes...

February 16 2011