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3D terrain in Unity

The Mapbox Unity SDK has full support for global digital elevation data in Unity. Our...

February 08 2017
developer tools

Bringing 3D terrain to the browser with Three.js

Mapbox builds the full mapping stack: collecting geographic data, cutting it into vector tiles, and...

February 07 2017
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Global elevation data

Our new global elevation layer, Terrain-RGB, is live! Encoded in the Red, Green, and Blue...

October 27 2016

Higher resolution land cover data from satellite imagery

Mapbox Vector Terrain, our global elevation and landcover tiles whose data drives maps like Outdoors,...

August 09 2016
map design

Mapbox Outdoors redesign

Last week we launched a redesign of Mapbox Outdoors, our general use map tailored for...

map design

Updated terrain in Mapbox Outdoors

This week we launched our redesigned maps and announced that our streets and terrain data...

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Mapbox Streets and Terrain now follow Vector Tile Specification version 2

We upgraded billions of our tiles in Mapbox Streets and Terrain* to follow the updated...


Satellite imagery for low bandwidth environments

Flightradar24 just launched with low bandwidth satellite imagery. If you’re tracking your journey with in-flight...


Tracking the world's airliners with Flightradar24

Flightradar24 uses real-time transponder data to track more than 160,000 commercial flights per day. Their...

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Speed optimizations to Terrain

Today’s update to Terrain has insane speed optimizations using Mapnik’s new geometry simplifications. The terrain...

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Australia terrain update

Our terrain in Australia and throughout Oceania is now 200% more detailed. Uluru / Ayers...

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Asia terrain update

Our terrain across Asia has tripled in detail as we continue to improve our data...

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South America terrain update

Our terrain in South America is now 3x more detailed. Machu Picchu, Peru. 15th-century Inca...

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Africa terrain update

Our terrain across Africa now has 200% more detail. Virunga Mountains, DR Congo (SRTM 90m...

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Ski maps

The Winter Wonderland style is now updated with the new terrain data released last week....

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Terrain in Mapbox Studio Classic

Yesterday’s huge update to Mapbox Terrain all plugs into Mapbox Studio Classic. First thing you’ll...

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Mapbox terrain data update

We just pushed a huge data update to Mapbox Outdoors, increasing terrain resolution across nearly...

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Hyper-styled terrain

Our Vector Terrain layer is close and we’re having some fun with it in TileMill...

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Ski Maps

Vail, Colorado is home to the largest ski resort in the United States. Ski trails...

December 04 2013
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Mapping a golf course

It’s fast to add a golf course to a map by tracing satellite imagery —...

map design

Golf course maps

We’re working on a new golf course style in our vector terrain map for outdoor...

November 22 2013
map design

Designing a Vector Terrain Map for Outdoor Apps

We are starting a major update to MapBox Terrain. We are designing this specifically for...

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Updated MapBox Streets Terrain Layer

We just rolled out an update to the MapBox Streets Terrain Layer that adds landcover...

August 28 2012
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Terrain Layer for MapBox Streets Now Available

MapBox Streets now has a terrain map for the entire world, letting you turn any...

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Global Terrain Coming Soon to MapBox Streets

We are designing a new feature for MapBox Streets - terrain visualization with global coverage....

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New Terrain Baselayer Maps Available on MapBox

We've added eight new public baselayer maps to based on popular raster datasets. Our...