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A whole new Earth for tracing on OpenStreetMap

Today, two new global satellite imagery layers are live for tracing on OpenStreetMap, courtesy of...


¡Hola, México! Fresh satellite photos for Mexican cities

We’ve just refreshed our satellite imagery for Mexico, with nearly half a million square kilometers...

April 11 2017

New satellite imagery for cities across India

Cities across India have new imagery on our satellite map today. We’ve updated more than...

March 20 2017

New imagery for Vancouver and Toronto

We’ve just refreshed our satellite imagery for two beautiful Canadian cities, Toronto and Vancouver. Here’s...

March 03 2017

你好, Shanghai!

We just updated our satellite imagery for one of the biggest cities in the world...

February 20 2017
developer tools

Bringing 3D terrain to the browser with Three.js

Mapbox builds the full mapping stack: collecting geographic data, cutting it into vector tiles, and...

February 07 2017

Welcome, GOES-16!

The newest weather satellite, NOAA’s GOES-16, took a test picture of the whole Western Hemisphere...


3 inch imagery resolution for Washington, DC

We updated our basemap in Washington, DC with aerial imagery at 3 inch (7.5 cm)...


3DR combines drone imagery with Autodesk

3D Robotics’ new app, Site Scan, combines imagery from their construction drone, Mapbox maps, and...

November 30 2016
map design

Run the Catalina Eco Marathon in 3D

This past Saturday, ambitious runners took on the Catalina Eco Marathon, a race that loops...


Vincent Sarago joins Mapbox

We’re happy to announce that Vincent Sarago is joining Mapbox. Vincent is a developer with...

November 10 2016

Viewing satellite imagery in VR

Mapbox with Unity 3D opens up new ways to showcase geospatial data. We have been...

October 17 2016

Under Armour launches with Mapbox Mobile

Under Armour just launched new versions of UA Record for iOS and Android with new...


New imagery for the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

As part of our commitment to the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, we’ve updated more than 60,000...


Watch DigitalGlobe’s WorldView-4 launch live

Updated to reflect that the launch has been postponed. Visit for more information. WorldView-4,...


WorldView-4 launches Friday to bring us trillions of pixels

WorldView-4, a cutting edge imagery satellite, launches on Friday. Once in orbit and calibrated, it...


Imagery alignment with telemetry

Anonymized location data from our mobile SDKs helps us continuously improve our maps. We use...

September 07 2016
data & OpenStreetMap

Helping spatial planning decisions with fresh imagery

Recent imagery can not only help you add latest features on OpenStreetMap, but also verify...


Higher resolution land cover data from satellite imagery

Mapbox Vector Terrain, our global elevation and landcover tiles whose data drives maps like Outdoors,...

August 09 2016
developer tools

Color balancing imagery with histogram matching

In our post on rio color we introduced a Rasterio plugin for color-balancing geospatial imagery....

July 28 2016
data & OpenStreetMap

Fresh imagery --> more mapping

Fresh, high-resolution imagery lets mappers add more up-to-date, detailed data to OpenStreetMap. In November 2014,...


Create the best map of the Olympics this weekend

Join the OpenStreetMap community in Brazil, and around the world, to create the best map...


Recent imagery in Calais France for Mapfugees

As part of our commitment to the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, we just finished rendering an...


New imagery for Nairobi, Kenya

We rolled out fresh imagery for Nairobi, Kenya into our maps. The new imagery covers...


Satellite workshop at Mapbox Bengaluru

Join us at our Bengaluru office on Friday, June 24 for an introductory session on...


Ultra high-res UAV imagery on the map

We just put 7.5 cm (3 inch) resolution UAV imagery on our satellite map near...

May 26 2016
map design

Mapbox Satellite Streets redesigned for mobile

Redesigned to complement our constantly improving Satellite and Streets data, we optimized Mapbox Satellite Streets...


Optimized raster color corrections with rio-color

Last week we launched rio-color – an open source Rasterio plugin for color adjustment of...

May 20 2016

Olá Rio! High resolution Olympic preview

Brazil’s preparations for this summer’s Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro have taken six years,...


Three million km² updated in Mapbox Satellite

We just pushed three million square kilometers of new imagery into Mapbox Satellite. Last year,...

April 26 2016

Sri Lanka UAV survey for disaster preparedness

The World Bank’s Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR) has been using OpenStreetMap,...


Launching DigitalGlobe's Maps API

DigitalGlobe, the largest commercial satellite data provider in the world, just launched the Maps API....


Satellite imagery for low bandwidth environments

Flightradar24 just launched with low bandwidth satellite imagery. If you’re tracking your journey with in-flight...


Tracking the world's airliners with Flightradar24

Flightradar24 uses real-time transponder data to track more than 160,000 commercial flights per day. Their...


Open Data for Town of Banff

We just rendered some beautiful, new 12cm imagery of Town of Banff, Canada to our...

April 01 2016

Updating satellite imagery using telemetry data

Telemetry data coming from our SDK allows our satellite team to collect new imagery, faster...

March 21 2016

Tracking changes to China's northeast coastline with false-color Landsat imagery

NASA and USGS’s Landsat satellites captured dramatic changes in China’s coastline at the mouth of...

March 07 2016

Fresh imagery for Beira, Mozambique

We just updated our imagery in Beira, Mozambique as part of our commitment to the...


San Francisco, Super Bowl Sunday

Yesterday, as crowds headed to watch the Super Bowl, DigitalGlobe’s WorldView-3 satellite collected an astonishing...

February 09 2016
map design

Strava satellite maps

Strava athletes can now see their outdoor activities on satellite maps with beautiful, high-resolution imagery,...


Fresh satellite imagery for Kyiv

Kyiv, Ukraine, is sharper and more colorful than ever on our satellite map today. It’s...

November 06 2015

Matt Perry joins Mapbox

It’s our great pleasure to announce that Matt Perry is joining the Satellite Team at...

October 30 2015

Chào, Ho Chi Minh City!

Mapbox Satellite just got fresh, high-resolution imagery of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). This has...


Three million km2 of super high resolution imagery

We just acquired three million square kilometers of the freshest, highest resolution 30 cm imagery...

data & OpenStreetMap

Afghanistan earthquake satellite imagery

As the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team responds to yesterday’s magnitude-7.5 earthquake in Eastern Afghanistan the satellite...


Ahoj, Praha!

We’ve just updated Mapbox Satellite with fresh imagery of Prague, the capital city of the...


#SatSummit in Washington, DC November 9th

Join us in Washington, DC on November 9th for #SatSummit to discuss the future of...


Super high-res New Zealand aerial imagery

New Zealand is so beautiful that it’s hard to get imagery that does it justice....


2014 Berlin in high-res

We just updated Berlin, Germany in Mapbox Satellite with a fresh set of high-resolution orthoimagery...


43,000 km of 10cm imagery added for Denmark

We just added 43,000 km of brand new 10cm orthoimagery, covering all of Denmark, to...

October 08 2014
developer tools

Publish drone imagery on Mapbox directly from Pix4D

Today the drone imagery processing software Pix4D rolled out full integration with Mapbox, making it...


New imagery of Mexico City for Condatos

We’re joining open data advocates from all over Latin America at Condatos next week in...

September 25 2014
developer tools

Raster imagery to Mapbox in one step

You can now add any GeoTIFF imagery from satellites, airplanes, and drones directly to your...

September 23 2014

Satellites + beer + pizza: Thurs. 9/11 at Mapbox SF

Join us at 6:30pm tomorrow for a GeoMeetup at Mapbox SF to talk Big and...

September 10 2014

Our imagery processing pipeline at SF GeoMeetup

I’m presenting on our imagery processing pipeline and how we deal with the enormous amount...

September 09 2014

Fresh imagery for Australia

An Australian imagery update adds 30 billion fresh pixels to Mapbox Satellite. The new data...


Imagery from DigitalGlobe’s WorldView-3 — now live on Mapbox Satellite

The new imagery coming down from WorldView-3, the satellite that DigitalGlobe launched only two weeks...


Processing raw NAIP scenes into seamless imagery

We just updated Mapbox Satellite across the continental United States with 48TB of open imagery...

August 21 2014

Launching WorldView-3

The world’s most advanced high-resolution satellite, WorldView-3, will launch tomorrow – operated by DigitalGlobe, our...

August 12 2014

Mapbox Satellite gets 48TB facelift

We just added 48 terabytes of updated aerial imagery for the entire continental United States....

August 06 2014

Monitoring nuclear plants with micro-satellites

The IR-40 reactor is shaded red and the heavy water facility is shown with blue...


Monitoring transit from Space

Remote sensing enables monitoring of transportation infrastructure across seasons and across the world. Above is...


Algae Blooms from Space

This algae bloom off the Coast of Estonia was captured by NASA’s Landsat 7 satellite...


USGS Q&A: adding value to Landsat imagery with LEDAPS

As Bruno described last month, we leverage the Landsat Ecosystem Disturbance Adaptive Processing System, or...


Good luck, Planet Labs!

Update, Thursday morning: Launch is set for 1:07 p.m. EST! If you’re in the Mid-Atlantic...

January 08 2014

Satellite Imagery Caching With the iOS SDK

A unique feature of our new MapBox Satellite layer is unlimited offline caching on mobile...

December 20 2012

MapBox Teams Up with DigitalGlobe on Satellite Imagery

We’re partnering with DigitalGlobe, the world’s leading provider of high-resolution satellite imagery, to radically extend...

December 11 2012

Introducing MapBox Satellite

We just launched MapBox Satellite, our beautiful global imagery layer. We’ve been working hard to...

December 04 2012
data & OpenStreetMap

Surveying Brasilia with Walking Papers

Last week in Brasilia Eric and I joined efforts with Luiz Carlos from the Track...

April 23 2012
data & OpenStreetMap

Tracing Satellite Imagery in OpenStreetMap

For the past two weeks we have been tracing satellite imagery into OpenStreetMap to support...

March 17 2012