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Using Arc2Earth to create MBTiles from ArcGIS

By building the MapBox cloud on the open MBTiles format, anyone can create map tiles....

July 24 2012

MBTiles: Anatomy of an Open File Format

I’ll be speaking Wednesday afternoon at the fantastic Open Source Bridge conference here in Portland,...

June 26 2012
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GDAL 2.0 to Support MBTiles

GDAL, the library underlying nearly all major open source geospatial projects (it’s used in apps...

January 20 2012

Advancing Fast and Open Mapping Standards

Tomorrow I’m meeting with the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) to talk about the MBTiles specification,...

September 20 2011

MBTiles Integration for Custom, Offline Maps on the iPhone and iPad

With the MBTiles example app for the iPhone, we released some powerful open source code...

July 28 2011