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OSCON: Presenting on Open Source Mapping

OSCON, O’Reilly’s Open Source Convention, kicked off today for a full week of presentations and...

July 16 2012
map design

Sketchy Maps with Geometry Smoothing

Recently I posted about how I’ve been experimenting with new Mapnik features in TileMill. This...

June 18 2012

Mapnik Code Sprint 2012, Washington, DC

We are hosting the second ever Mapnik code sprint the weekend of June 16 to...

June 07 2012
developer tools

Expanding Mapnik's Cartographic Capabilities

We are well into the the year of the open map, and people are waking...

April 12 2012

Mapnik Creator Artem Pavlenko Joins the Team

Artem Pavlenko, the creator of Mapnik - the amazing map renderer at the heart of...

January 18 2012